November 21, 2014

Turn Your Hobby into a Business

We all have hobbies that we love to dabble with and enjoy. Most of our hobbies are started when we are children. Others we start much later in life. Some people are able to turn their hobby into a business. Here are examples of several people that have turned their hobby into a business.

Piece of Cake

Two lifelong friends use to bake cookies and brownies for the children’s bake sales at their school. Every item that they baked would quickly sell out. Soon other parents asked these two friends to bake cakes for birthdays. It didn’t take long after that before these friends were working every day in their kitchens baking items for others. When the orders increased to a level that they could not bake everything in their kitchen, they decided to open a business. This business was called Piece of Cake. Ten years later Piece of Cake has 3 locations that serve cakes and other treats. If you want to order a cake for Thanksgiving, the cutoff date is September 15th because of the huge demand for the cakes. The two ladies that started Piece of Cake are no longer involved in the day to day operations of the company. Their hobby has become so successful that they are able to have others run the business for them and now they sit at home and collect a hefty paycheck.

Game Diva

Karen Liu was a stay at home. While at home she became addicted to video games. When she needed money she started selling video games on eBay. As her sales started to grow she realized that she would be able to turn her hobby into a full time business. She opened an eBay store and started selling video games as a business from her home. She converted her basement so that she could store thousands of different titles. She spends her time listing new items on eBay and then sending them to her customers. The Post Office picks up daily all her packages at her house. This keeps her from having to leave the house to ship products. Karen was able to successfully convert her hobby into a home based business.

African Art

Kimberly and Maude meet each other in Tanzania when they were in the Peace Corps. During their three year stint in the Peace Corps, the two ladies started to purchase necklaces, bracelets and rings from the local tribes. When their Peace Corp duty ended, the two returned home with only their African jewelry. Their neighbors liked their jewelry that they offered to pay for select pieces. Before long the two had sold almost half of their jewelry and still had a huge demand for the products. They decided to sell the other half of the remaining jewelry and use this money to fund a trip back to Africa. On this trip they purchased suitcases full of jewelry and brought this back home. They were able to quickly sell out their entire inventory. This turned into a full time business that not only provides an income for the two friends but also funds their frequent travels back to Africa. The pair has expanded their business and now they are buying jewelry from Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan.

All of us have a hobby or a skill in which we excel. There are countless numbers of people that have turned their hobby or skill into a full time work from home business. These hobbies were started because we enjoyed them. Now you have the opportunity to profit from your hobby by turning it into a home based business.

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